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Another way in which warts spread is from one of your own body parts to another. For instance, say you have a wart near your mouth and you decide to bite off a hangnail. If you open up a wound in your finger should you bite that nail off, you may cause the an infection from the wart near your mouth to go into the blood on your finger and cause warts to your hands. Most warts, though, aren’t dangerous. Genital warts are unhealthy to your health and the health of your sexual companions. Always seek clinical treatment for this variety of wart.

Also pay more attention to the genital warts as these are highly infective in the course of the relation and having those rough formations on the genital organ is something that no one likes.

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Duct tape is a bit peculiar but positive cure for warts.

The good news is that some sorts of HPV are not very contagious in the type of person to person touch, such as plantar warts. The bad news is for you to spread warts to yourself from other parts of your body and you’ll catch various types of warts from others. Plantar warts are warts that are brought on by contacting a sort of HPV in its herbal environment. This form of wart is found only to your feet, typically the bottom. It isn’t easily spread from person to person, rather it is picked up where it thrives. It flourishes in warm, wet environments reminiscent of gyms, showers, and pools. You cannot simply pick up this virus by jogging around. You should have an open sore to your foot for the virus to go into your bloodstream. If a person living in your house has a plantar wart, be careful to stay out of the shower and bathroom with out shoes if you have an open sore. Palmer warts are also brought on by the HPV virus. The only difference among these warts and plantar warts is the undeniable fact that they only appear for your hands as opposed to your feet.

You can buy several over the counter wart removal drugs which you can apply yourself these are especially good for planters warts.

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As coated before, the double-stranded DNA virus called HPV forms these skin growths.v

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